At Poke Poke our philosophy is simple, Quality and Affordability. That means when we source our fish, we aim to use the highest quality and sustainable fish we can find, while still maintaining a reasonable price. This philosophy spreads to all the ingredients we offer across the menu.


First of all it’s pronounced “poh-kay” and rhymes with “okay,” not “poke,” like the awkward Facebook feature. Poke simply means “chunk” or a slice of cubed fish in Hawaiian. Poke generally refers to raw fish or seafood that was cut into small cubes and marinated. When referring to poke nowadays, we have taken that up another level. Fresh, healthy and delicious, we took all the best components of sushi and put them in an easy to eat container, and we didn’t just stop there. From truffle infusion to spiced nuts, we have you covered with a huge variety of poke friendly ingredients.


That’s Cool – we give our customers the chance to create their own signature bowls with many other non-fish options such as chicken, eggs, and tofu for the vegetarians / vegans. At Poke Poke, we have something for everyone!

Poke Poke UAE fishless dish

Our Story

The UAE’s First Poke Bowl Restaurant . Poke Poke is the first poke restaurant in the UAE. Our concept is a collaboration between American founders Justin and Jeremiah – US military veterans, fitness professionals, and international entrepreneurs.

Our approach to food is driven by a passion to capture a self-reinforcing niche market using our exceptional social capital and superior product. We are committed to utilizing the synergy between food, lifestyle, community, and our natural environment by embracing the large scale holistic movement taking place in the food and beverage industry.

By implementing these principles and maintaining integrity with our community, Poke Poke has organically generated a large customer base that has been consistently expanding prior to opening and continues to grow across the globe.