Signature Bowls

Try one of our signature bowls or build your own bowl with a variety of our fresh ingredients.


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At Poke Poke the choice is yours to make your own signature bowl. Hey! If it’s good we might borrow your combination and put it on our menu!

Choose from a selection of bases, proteins, marinades, mix-ins and toppings. Whether you’re Pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan, there’s a combination that will be just right for you. All of our ingredients are gluten free.

1. Base

Try the usual white rice , the ancient inca quinoa grain or wild rice for the hippie in you… We even have extra low carb options such as vegetable salad or mixed greens.

2. Protein

Poke is most famously raw tuna or salmon, but we also serve it cooked. For the non-seafood lovers we have chicken or eggs and for the vegetarians / vegans we even offer Tofu.


3. Marinade

Our marinades are 100% gluten free, designed to be exciting, zappy, and zingy to your palate. We use tamari instead of soy, providing a deeper flavor while reducing the harsh salty bite from soy sauce. Sesame oil is a common favorite, but we’ll leave that up to you.

4. Mix it

Choose from these great fresh ingredients to enhance your marinade.

5. Top it: Choose 4

Designed to add texture, flavor and pop to your poke bowl; use our top it ingredients wisely.

poke poke

6. Sauce it

The cherry on top, the crème de la crème, the final note to complete the magic that is your bowl.

At Poke Poke our menu philosophy is simple; Quality and Affordability. That means that in sourcing our fish we aim to use the highest-quality and most sustainable raw fish we can find while still maintaining a reasonable price point.


Yellowfin Tuna – Origin: Sri Lanka

Our Yellowfin Tuna is wild and line caught off the coasts of Sri Lanka. We choose Yellowfin Tuna from Sri Lanka because of its proximity to our region. We need to ensure the fish comes from the water to our bowls as quickly as possible to ensure the freshest product. We do not freeze or accept frozen tuna.


Salmon – Origin: Norway

Our salmon is farmed in the cold Arctic Ocean. The entire philosophy of sustainable salmon farming is an environmentally friendly operation, in harmony with nature. Arctic salmon is farmed at low density in the purest ocean water on earth. The fish have room to swim naturally in this swiftly flowing ocean water, emulating their natural environment. Their eco-friendly salmon diet contains only fish meal and fish oil.